Fire & Pump Service Group is a Fire Protection Service and Marketing group to sell fire protection hardware, consult in specialized fire protection design,  engineering, installation, repair, maintenance, testing & trade-outs of High Expansion Foam (HEF), AFFF Foam Systems and Fire Pumps for Military Installations, Air Hangars, Aviation Maintainence Facilities, Oil Refineries & Tank Farms and Power Plants for Industrial/Special Hazards Fire Protection Systems.

In the past 21 years, more than 900 fire pumps and foam systems have been sold by us.  We have  been responsible for installations in the Petro/Chem, Aviation, Power, Military and Commercial High Rise Industry.

We represent several manufacturer's and market products with new technology that have now become an industry  standard to meet changing installation and updated code requirments, e.g. NFPA, ETL's, UFC etc..

Representatives for: Chemguard HEF/AFFF Foam & Hardware, AC Fire Pumps - Industrial, SpecTrex Optical Flame & Gas, Akron Brass Systems.